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Easing The Transition To long Term Elderly Care

Our dedicated, caring, and supportive staff are here to help ease the transition into long term elderly care. We help residents and their families address the emotions and concerns that come with this new chapter in their lives. Prior to admission, our staff works with you to make thorough assessments and offer orientation tips and assistance. We will call you with updates as needed and are always available to discuss the individual care needs of residents.  We provide dementia care and Alzheimer's care.

Safe And Supervised Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care In Redwood City, CA

Gordon Manor offers a safe and stimulating home for residents who have memory impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Our wander alert system allows residents to have the freedom of mobility while still being safely supervised. Our trained staff provides residents with an integrated yet supervised environment that ensures the highest quality of life for those with memory impairment. Call for Alzheimer's care and dementia care.
Compassionate Respite Care
We are happy to offer convenient and compassionate short-term stays to help caregivers restore their energy and promote balance in their lives. Our out-of-home respite care gives caregivers and their loved ones a chance to experience something new and restorative, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in good hands.

Hospice care—and peace of mind

We want residents and their families to have the peace of mind of knowing that the final stages of life will still be as comfortable as possible. We are licensed to accept residents who need hospice care and we have strong relationships with local hospice agencies. We team up with the local hospice agencies, which then become part of our team to provide excellent end-of-life care for our residents as well as support services for their families.
Dementia Care Redwood City, CA
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