Why People Choose Us

Why families choose us and why we are known for our superb Alzheimer’s care

We are always happy to hear from the families and friends of residents. These are just a few of the many testimonials we have received from individuals that felt so strongly about their experience with Gordon Manor and the Just Like Family team that they wrote to tell us what we meant to their family.
“Mom has thrived in your friendly, caring, and cozy environment, and I have watched her gain so much of her physical strength back with your help. You have uplifted her emotionally, plus she has gained a great deal of confidence in being able to walk solo and even rise out of a chair by herself. Everyone at Gordon Manor has a compassionate heart and you make all of your guests feel loved.”
- Sandi & Elizabeth

“Thank you and everyone at Gordon Manor for your kindness and fine care of the folks that need your warmth and gentleness. Mom considers Gordon Manor her home.”
- Anna Marie

“We give thanks for the love, comfort, care, hugs, safety, security and ‘family environment’ you have provided for our loved ones and for us. All that you have provided has exceeded our hopes and expectations.”
- Bob & Patti

“My dad lived with you for two wonderful years. I must admit, I felt honored to have found Gordon Manor, it’s just like home.”
- Bonnie

“Thank you for taking care of her as if she was your own mother.”
- Dolores

“There will never be adequate words to thank you sufficiently for the loving and gentle care you gave to Mother.”
- Sr. Mavourneen

“We are deeply indebted to the caring folks at Gordon Manor. Our mom received the best of care. We are so grateful.”
- Ron & Joan

“Thank you for your kindness, patience, and devotion to mom’s care. And for remembering she loved lavender. I have it on my coffee table and it reminds me of her. You have all been wonderful.”
- Bev
“It is your sense of valuing each person, of loving each one, having a sense of humor and a sense of family that made my aunt’s residential care a good experience.”
- Dolly & Bill

“My mother appreciated many of the activities offered. We know about Bingo! Everything from birthday and holiday activities to the personal attention with hair and makeup care meant a lot. She loved Gordon Manor and many times commented how happy she was to have it as her home. The patience, warmth and humor demonstrated by the staff helped a lot.”
- Herb & Katy

“Your compassionate care eased her from this life to the next; thank you so much for your attention to her needs.”
- Angela

“I want to express to you our appreciation for the loving, attentive care you bestowed on my mother, giving her dignity and respect as she became more incapacitated. We speak of Gordon Manor in glowing terms to our friends.”
- Joan & Gordon

“Thank you and all the staff at Gordon Manor for all you did for my grandmother over the past 4 1/2 years. She was always comfortable and well taken care of. When I visited I always encountered a cheerful smile and friendly greeting from the staff who were knowledgeable about how she was doing. In short, you treated her like family and that helped our family. We couldn’t have taken care of her so well without you.”
- Ann
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